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COSYBED Air | Kelim Indian Orange

Product number: Y-12000-CB-Kelim C

Cover Cosy Pet Pillow Dog Bed

COSYBED by DOGs INN © The ORIGINAL orthopedic luxury dog pillow with an extremely high cuddle factor! 100% chill and 100% handmade in Germany in form of a bagel.

The filling material is ideally suited for pressure-relieving soft positioning and therefore also is used in nursing. The inner cushions have a zipper, so you always have the option to remove filling in order to choose the degree of hardness for your dog´s bed.

The filling is:
  • soft and elastic
  • pressure-distributing
  • supportive
  • breathable
  • permanently elastic
  • temperature balancing
  • moisture dispersant
  • durable
  • hypoallergenic
  • washable up to 95° C
An original COSYBED is labeled with this symbol:

The new original COSYBED Easy Air made in Germany, lets the dogs "float" even better thanks to the new filling! The filling consists of foam flakes with an air cushion. As a result, the intelligent pillow forms to the dogs body shape and stands up again as soon as the dog has left its COSYBED Easy Air. A true dogs cuddle dream. This beautiful dog bed/dog cushion in the classic design,  fits perfectly into a modern, classic and country-style interior. The dog pillow, in the bagel or donut form, is not only a dream for the eyes but also comfortable for the dog, due to its special shape. The dog can lie relaxed in the middle and lay his head casually on the edge so that he has a look over his dog area and that although the pillow has no high edge.

Fabric selection & size according to customer requirements
Every COSYBED will only be produced for you after receipt of order on customers request. You choose your fabric and we will produce the COSYBED for you in the size of your choice. Since a COSYBED is always made after the order has been placed on your customer specifications, it is excluded from exchange!

The cover can be completely and easily (zipper) deducted and washed at 30° C with a mild detergent. The material is not suitable for the dryer! We still recommend using a disinfectant washer from IMPRESAN or another company. Thus, you can keep the sleeping place of your dog and your house mite free!

S - XXL for Mini & Maxi dogs

Selection of the bed size!
Please choose the bed big enough so that your dog has plenty of space to relax his head on the edge and use the COSYBED in all lying positions. The larger you choose the bed, the more comfortable it is for your dog, as it not only has more space but the padding also gets much better with the size of the bed. Since fabric always gives way, the measurements are approximate. The COSYBED reaches its full size approx. 4-6 weeks after transport, it settles and expands in width.

The sizes are i.a. suitable for the following dogs:

S: Easy Air
Chihuahua, small Dachshund & Co.
Ø 80 cm / height 25 cm

M: Easy Air
Pug, French Bulldog, Westhighland Terrier, Dachshund, small Havanese & Co.
Ø 90 cm / height 27 cm

L: Easy Air
Whippet, large French Bulldog, Beagle, Spaniel & Co.
Ø 100 cm / height 30 cm

XL: Easy Air
big Whippet, small Viszla, small Münsterländer, small Setter & Co.
Ø 110 cm / height 31 cm

XXL: Easy Air
Rhodesian Ridgeback, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Setter, Weimaraner, Viszla, Galgo, Greyhound, Boxer, Great Münsterländer, Giant Schnauzer & Co.
Ø 120 cm / height 33 cm / max. load 45 kg

Rhodesian Ridgeback, Labrador, Golden Retriever, big Setter, large Weimaraner, large Viszla, Galgo, Greyhound, Boxer, Great Münsterländer, Giant Schnauzer. Because of the size and fabric width, the zipper is not centered here, but sewn on the bottom with an additional handle.
Ø 130 cm / height 33 cm / max. load 65 kg

Great Dane, Borzoi, Newfoundland Dog, Dogue de Bordeaux, Irish Wolfhound, Landseer, Leonberger
Ø 145 cm / height 42 cm / max. load 95 kg

The new COSYBED Easy Air is very easy to maintain with the new 360° Zipper.
To increase the chill factor, we have a new filling! The old covers no longer match the new COSYBED Easy Air!
It is a complete new product!