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Canvas Collar Saltydog Company®

The SALTYDOG COMPANY® canvas collar is lightweight and quick-drying. It is ideal for swimming in the sea, a walk through the rain or a wallow in the mud puddle. The SALTYDOG swim collar is SALTWATERPROOF and NON-RUSTING! It is a whole year collar for every day use - handmade in Germany!
Why waive the chic in bad weather?

This perfect outdoor collar is:
- water-repellent
- dirt-repellent
- UV-resistant
- washable
- machine washable
- quick-drying
- salt water resistant
- lightweight
and practical in everyday life!

Care Instructions
The SALTYDOG collar is machine washable, but the color brilliance will be preserved for a logner time when washing by hand. That's why we recommend washing the collar by hand. Frequent washing in the washing machine, may cause the color to lose its intensity.

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