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Special Edition
The SPECIAL EDITION is made similar to the COSYBEDs. There are other materials used and the shape and filling is slightly different. The COSYBED of the LIMITED EDITION is still a PREMIUM dog bed!

COSYBED by DOGs INN © the ORIGINAL orthopedic luxury dog pillow with an extremely high cuddle factor! 100% chill 100% handmade in Germany in the form of a bagel. In this donut, nest or pouf, the dog sleeps like on Wolke Sieben! The filling material is also used in human medicine for pressure-relieving soft positioning of patients in nursing. Each COSYBED © is made after receipt of order or receipt of payment and is excluded from exchange.

The filling is:
  • soft and elastic
  • pressure-distributing
  • supportive
  • breathable
  • permanently elastic
  • temperature balancing
  • moisture dispersant
  • durable
  • hypoallergenic
  • washable up to 95 ° C
On original COSYBEDs you will find this label !
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